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Rookie Mistake

I rejoined the gym at work last week.  The early bus worked well and I got to the gym exactly on time 7:00 am.  I warmed up on the recumbent bike because I hate the treadmill and or the elliptical machine.  My trainer found me warming up on the bike and I  got chastised for that.  She later said that the recumbent bike is for people who can’t stand up to warm up.  I figured since I was working my legs and sweating, I was okay.  Sigh….. I managed to find the machines we worked on yesterday (I was proud of myself as they all look pretty much alike).  45 minutes later I was ready for the shower.  I stopped by to get a towel, which apparently was the smallest, thinnest one they had.  Modest person that I am and undressed as I was, I knew this was going to be  a problem but time was of the essence.  I found a shower, hung my stuff on the hook and turned the water on.  OOPS, forgot to take the underwear off.  No I didn’t bring a spare pair.  I turned off the water and took them off (fairly drippy).  While I was showering I decided I could use the ‘dry your bathing suit here so you don’t have to take it home soaking wet’ machine.  That worked.  Perhaps tomorrow I will take two towels (maybe three) and remember the steps in the correct order.  The only thing worse would have been to laugh out loud at myself and really cause a scene.

Thanks Renee!!!

I caught her in the kitchen at work scooping a tablespoon of peanut butter into her oatmeal and stirring briskly.  “What are you doing?” I asked.   “I discovered this when we went camping/hiking.  I put some peanut butter into the oatmeal for extra protein and now I can’t eat oatmeal without it.”  Tried it this morning.  Wow!!!!  I had already decided to ‘kick it up a notch and swirl homemade strawberry jam into the peanut butter concoction.  That did it.  Try it!

Sugar Cookies

You know, I love a good sugar cookie.  I was so excited to find a new place right on my way home in Kent advertising that they sell sugar cookies.  I was stopped at the red light at that intersection so I got a real good look at their sign near the sidewalk.

 The two ‘os’ in Cookies formed a bikini top (polka-dot I believe) and they don’t SELL sugar cookies, they ARE Sugar Cookies – resplendent with cute girls selling beverages.  I had an ‘ah ha’ moment at that red-light stall thus  avoiding that walk up to the tinted window and asking for a couple of nice fat sugar cookies

Another morning chuckle

On my way to get my second cup of coffee at Starbucks. Waiting in line and reading the song board (which song is playing).  “What a nice title” I thought, ‘One foot in the Glitter’.  I refocused and read again.  ‘One foot in the Gutter’. Slightly  different connotation.