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I caught the early bus but…..

In order for me to get to the gym and work out and not be rushed, I need to catch the bus that comes at 6:05.

For that to happen there has to be a tremendous amount of cooperation from all parties.  By that I mean, the clothes, the jewelry, my body (no extra bathroom trips), the traffic and the garage door.  I can’t afford the time it takes for the door to reopen 5 times only to close on the 6th try.  That is a moment I will never get back.

Today they all aligned and I made it!!  I already knew there were challenges ahead.  Matt (my bus buddy) warned me that last weekend they reorganized the gym floor.  I had only been to the pool and THAT was in the same spot.

I got to the building early enough to drop off my coat, scarf, lunch and repack the gym bag (out with the wet bathing suit, wet towel and in with fresh workout clothes, new towel.  I was dressed and ready to hit the gym floor when I realized that I had no gym shoes nor socks.  Those were under the chair at my desk, 3 elevator towers and a world away.  I was not going to redress to go get them so here were my choices:

  1. Work out barefoot
  2. Walk barefoot thru my work place to retrieve my shoes
  3. Wear my dress shoes with gym clothes ( a dorky look for sure)

I chose option #3 and willed myself to not run into anyone I knew.

Ten minutes later – the treadmill is right where I left it last week.  Nothing else is the same.  Once my 12 minutes of warmup is over, my routine is to walk to the machine by the door and work on my arms.  There is no machine by the door.  I only knew what color the vinyl on the seat was, not the name of the machine (not helpful).  I find it across the room.  I readjust the seat and take off all the weight (I do many reps, no weight).  With my first rep I might as well been lifting the roof off the building.  I get up and look again.  No weight.  Wow, see what missing a couple of days does?  I finally noticed that instead of pushing out it wanted me to push up.  Clearly this is the wrong machine (dressed in similar clothes).  I did find the leg press machine around the corner (easy to spot with a large plate on the front).  I make a mental note of the name – Leg Press, now that I know the location is at the whim of the gym floor reorganizers who apparently are mean spirited.

Upon further search, I find the vertical press hiding around the corner looking eerily like it’s cousin the lift-the-roof-off-the-building machine.  Make a mental note, for now, when you are on this machine you are facing the butt of the guy working out on the stair stepper with actual stairs machine.

And what have we learned from this boys and girls…

  1. Don’t try to save time/trouble by leaving your gym bag at work – it won’t end well
  2. Pay attention to the name of the machine, not location on the gym floor
  3. You can’t shave time off the trip down the hill to the park & ride no matter how early in the day it is.  It takes 15 minutes, no less.  Leave the house at 5:45 am
  4. Lay clothes & jewelry out the night before and hope no gremlins mess with them by 5:30 am

P. S  As I am writing this post in my notebook the lady next to me on the bus has fallen asleep on my shoulder.