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My week at the park & ride-Contributing Author – Key Fob

It was a cold Wednesday morning.  I normally get tucked into that fabric purse she wears slung over her shoulder.

 This day she missed.  I could feel myself slipping.  Down to the pavement I went.  She just kept walking.  I had no way to call out to her.  “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” the voice kept screaming in my head.  Oh well I can hang out here for the day.  As soon as she gets off the bus and tries to open the car she will come looking for me. 

 I heard the bus pull up and here she comes walking to the car.  She was so close she almost stepped on me.  Sure enough she is out searching now that she realizes that I am not in the purse.  “Over here!” I called out. She almost stepped on me in the dark, the fact that leaves were heaped up around me didn’t help.  Back to the car she goes.

 Twenty minutes later a white truck pulls up.  She starts the car and follows him out of the park & ride.  I feel so abandoned.  When will she be back, when it is light out?

 And I wait.  Dawn comes and there are no cars.  Must be a holiday.  I am getting really wet.  I only have these leaves for shelter.  Night falls, dawn breaks.  A few cars arrive, she is not one of them.  Suddenly I feel pressure, almost like being run over.  I get slammed to the curb.  Dawn breaks, no cars again.  Must be a weekend. 

 I dry out some.  I am no longer in the middle of the road so I am safe from the cars.  The cars start filling the lot.  It must be Monday.  Surely she will be back today.  I am still waiting for her at the curb.  Night falls and dawn breaks.  No sighting of her.  Hope she is okay.  I am nursing my wounds and drying out.  I am starting to feel grimy.

 I hear voices talking about cleaning the lot, tomorrow they plan to come back.  Night falls, dawn breaks.  There is a deafening sound and I am being blown around.  I am back in the middle of the road totally exposed.  I see a hand reach down.  She’s back and she has snatched me up!  She seems so happy to see me.  She carries me in her warm hand and shuffles through the leaves to slap hands with the guy with the noise maker.  She carefully slips me back into her purse where I am safe and warm.

 Wow, what an adventure.

Lost and ………

It was last Wednesday, the long weekend lie ahead.  We had skipped out of work a few minutes early.  I got to the park & ride at 5:00 instead of 5:30.  I got to my car and began digging for my car keys.  Nothing.  I checked the car door and it was not locked.  Odd, I always lock the car on the way to the bus stop.  I get out and wander my path to the bus stop across the street thinking maybe when I dumped the keys in my purse they really didn’t land inside.  The problem was that it was pitch dark, the key fob is black and so is the asphalt.  No luck.

 I made the rescue phone call.  JB made the trip down the hill with the spare set of keys.  Where could they be?????  “Don’t do anything rash” he cautioned me.  “They could be in the locker at the gym or on your side chair”.  They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste.  I say the mind is a terrible thing to let run amok.  My house key was dangling on the end.  What if someone has my keys, they have been in my glove box, know my address and are just waiting for the perfect time to enter the house – and furthermore why didn’t they steal the car while they had the chance?  I tried not to let it ruin my long weekend.

 I drove into work Monday and Tuesday because I had some things that I didn’t want to carry on the bus.  I checked the gym locker and their lost & found.  No luck.  Back at my desk,  I checked the side chair.  No luck.  I called Metro Lost & Found on the off chance that someone found them in the park & ride and turned them into a bus driver.  No luck.

 Today, Wednesday a week later I am once again at the park & ride.  I got out of the car, got in the back seat to grab my purse and coat, shut the door and carefully locked the door listening for the tell-tale beep.  I am not in such a rush today and I was trying to catch the 7:20 bus.  It is lighter out at 7:15, but noisy.  The landscaping leaf blower guys are working on the north end of the park & ride.  As I round the corner, I look down and there are my keys – standing on end waiting for me to retrieve them.  They are dirty and wet but they are definitely my keys.  I whooped with joy catching the attention of one of the leaf blowers.  I shuffled through the piles of leaves and yell over the blower noise “look what you did!”  With his eyes open wide and his hand on the off switch he says “what did I do?”  “You found my car keys!!!!” I say to him excitedly.  I am poised to give him a high five so he removed his glove so that could happen.  By this time we caught the attention of the other leaf blowing guy.  He wants to know what’s going on.  I tell him and he says ‘we weren’t even going to come today,  I guess we came so we could find your keys”.  The last thing he said was “God works in mysterious ways”.  He certainly does.