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By a dumb phone.  By dumb I mean smarter than me but not qualified to be a ‘smart phone’.  I had taken a picture of my quilt from the phone when I was at the fabric store picking out my backing material.  It was a great shot!  I wanted to send it myself so I could save it on my computer.  I got so deep into the functions (read:bowels) of the phone that I started to lose reason.  When it ask me to set up an emobile account, I said “sure” and kept going.  The only email address that it seemed to accept was my work email.  Did that stop me?  Oh heck no. 

I got so lost in the mission I forgot why I did it and moved on taking a new picture with the camera.  Lo and behold the phone started behaving like it had the flu, lethargic and demanding that I recharge it daily (I think it was even dehydrated!). In one of my lucid moments I decided to investigate the new icon  that appears when I unlock my phone.  In the message queue, way down at selection #8 was emobile email messages – 147 of them.  What!  The senders looked familiar as those who send me emails at work.  Sure enough I had all my work email loaded on my phone.  Convenient yet very scary and inefficient.  I hate to admit how sloppy I am with the delete function in Outlook.  It is the modern version of stacks of papers that you might need to look at – someday, therefore cannot be deleted.  There it was, my inefficiencies from work stalking me from the bus.  Must stop the insanity!  I was also spurred on by a Verizon bill that was way out of the range of normal.

A trip to the Verizon store reveal that I had indeed ‘hacked into’ my work email and without a ‘plan’ I was paying by the letter, not $10 per month.  “Do you want to sign up for the plan?” she asked.  That’s a big NO. 

I bought a ‘dumb’ phone for a reason.  They are less capable of stalking you.


We had Apollo over last weekend.  He normally stays with Delberta and John and occasionally with Greg and Kellie.  He asked if he could come stay with us (kidding – we were 3rd on the totem pole).  What a funny little dog!  His favorite spot was under the light fleece blanket on the couch.  I strategically put in on the couch for him to lie on but he had other plans.  We watched as he simultaneously jumped up with his head down, burrowed in and soon he and the blanket were one. My theory is that when he needed air, and only then, did he poke his head out.

Greg described him as a ‘quirky little dog’.  I like that.  I would not mind being described as quirky as I equate it to ‘charming’.  I looked them both up and now I am convinced that one could use the words interchangeably.  Should someone disagree, I would remind them that in my world they DO mean the same.  Welcome to my world!


THAT is the question

Stay tuned for news after February 29th!ImageImage

Feeling powerful

I am off to a good start today .  I replaced the batteries in my ‘broken’ headset just ahead of calling the Help Desk and complaining that it needs a service call.  Thanks Julien for reminding me that, when in doubt, see if the batteries are dead. As a reminder of why I need a headset I sat on a 45 minute webinar with the handset up to my ears and now have a crick in my neck.


Once I got off the call I went immediately to the Vision Center to replace the nose pad on my glasses.  In the attempt to clean them this morning, the clear rubber nose pad launched itself into the air in the bathroom never to be found again.  It would take no time at all for the metal nose pad holder to dig a hole in my nose.  The blood dripping down the side of my face would be a fashion statement I am not willing to make. All avoided for now.