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Neither crab nor chicken

I learned something in the past week.  I came home from the hospital knowing how to crab-walk down stairs (sideways, both hands on the rail, no one foot taking all the weight).  When JB asked me if I still needed to do that, my response was “yes, my ankles are too weak”.  But then I tried and now realize that it was more a habit than physical weakness.

I have been saying for a few weeks now “it sure will be nice when my fingers work well enough to type ‘regular’ instead of ‘hunt & peck’.  Feeling so powerful from relearning how to walk down stairs, I tried.  And guess what? My fingers do remember  how to type.  Oh occasionally I get a number in the middle of a word but I just know that now that my fingers are getting back in the swing of things, it will only get better.

Moral of the story – don’t let your brain tell your hands and feet what they can’t do.  Try it, you might be surprised!

Random thoughts for Saturday

Last weekend we were sitting in the living room (probably watching TV). Bang!!! I looked up just in time to see a stunned bird recovering from running head on into the picture window.  It was so random and unnecessary.

I couldn’t help but think of myself. Different unmovable barrier, same effect.

I have come to learn since I have gone back to work that Saturdays are for time-consuming, high risk activities like shaving your legs. This not a job one wants to rush through at 6 am on a weekday morning.


My 3 month anniversary

It was three months to the day that I decided I needed some facts. JB and I were discussing  a dilemma that a friend of mine had when on a trip with her 13 year-old granddaughter in San Francisco,  she woke up at 4 in the morning very sick.  She almost waited too long to seek medical help because she was worried about leaving her granddaughter alone in the hotel or the ER.  It got me thinking, who made decisions for me when I found myself on the pavement at the park & ride?  Surely there must be an incident report.  I stopped by the local fire dept. and the fireman gave me a business card for Kent Headquarters.  “Just call them” he said, “it should be simple enough to get that report”.  I called and went there the same day to pick up the report.  You see someday I hope to make an award winning speech about this journey and I wanted it to be factual.  It is really hard to trust the words of a person who said she didn’t lose consciousness when she arrived at the hospital with a huge goose egg on her forehead.

 It is a good thing that my career at the phone company as well as my shorter career at the City of Seattle taught me the decoding of acronyms.  I found a name/tel. number of PSBY.  I quickly figured out that was the passerby who made the call to 911 (a woman who  got off  the same bus I did and was walking to her car, obviously more gracefully than I did).  I took a chance and cold-called her the next day.  She remembered making that call 3 months earlier and was so excited to hear that I was okay.  I filled her in on some details.  She promised to relay the message to others who were with her that fateful evening waiting for the aid car to arrive (they came within 4 minutes I was to learn).  After reading the report, I still don’t know how I ended up at Valley Medical Center (the report said ‘patient provider’) .  Perhaps I was asked,  perhaps someone made that decision for me.  I guess it’s okay that there are a few mysteries as long as it all worked out for the best.

Remember Gwen Therapy?

At the Sew Expo I bought a pattern called Cogwheels.  I was attracted to it because they had it made up in green/white/black fabrics.  I decided to go to Running Stitch in Kent to celebrate their 1-year anniversary and find some green fabric.  They were so helpful. 

Block by block my confidence grew (having the neck brace off really helped)   My label will include all the PT’s and OT’s that have helped me along the way.   I have a friend with a longarm who will probably quilt it.

Note my creative use of two speech flannel boards put together with binder clips to work as an accessible design board

Well I finished the quilt top.