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Acupunture in the morning

Now that I have begun accessorizing with jewelry, I have rediscovered all my cool earrings.  After seeing Sola with her gold version of my sparkle silver dangle earring, I thought ‘what the heck, let’s wear those to work today’.

 Once I got in front of the mirror I remembered how challenging these were to  put in (shaped like the letter ‘J’ with  snap lever) even before I performed my random act of unkindness to my body.

 The first one went in like a charm, the right ear not quite so easy.  It wasn’t until I got to the car that I felt the first twinge.  I looked in the rearview mirror and all looked okay. In retrospect I think the ‘J’ hook was embedded deep in the lobe and the snap level was pinching flesh.  We have now moved from twinge to throb.

  Each time I stopped at a red light I thought I had time to take the earring out and try again.  What was I thinking?  If I can’t put them in right while standing 2 inches in front of a mirror, what are the chances it will work  better in a moving vehicle with a mirror far, far away?

 I tried again once I got parked in the parking garage (determined aren’t I?).  No go.  There is no way to hold the earring so it goes straight thru the hole.  One more try in the restroom at work before I gave up.

 Lobe is quite red now from the multiple attempts and there seems to be a scab of some sort on the back of the lobe.

 Perseverance can be painful.

Got some extra knives?

I have just the perfect use for them.  A few weeks ago I purchased some room darkening curtains for the livig room.  Around 8 o’clock the sun comes in at just the right angle to destroy TV viewing.  The night we put them up we also had alot of wind.  Soon the curtains were flying parallel to the floor not darkening the room at all.  “I wish we had something to slip into the bottom hem to weight them down” I said out loud.  With all the metal in the garage from the recently departed machine shop, we could come up with nothing.  Ah ha, I ran to the spare silverware drawer and grabbed a few knives.  They slipped into the the hem perfectly.  Problem solved.

Forgot all about it til JB told me that the ladies that come to clean everyother week wondered why when they moved the curtains to dust, they clanked.  A small price to pay for solving the flying curtain problem, don’t ya think?

I believe I promised a picture


The picture we were all waiting for, Griffyn safe in Dad’s arms. Garry  did this pose originally for Grayden soon after he was born, then Hailoh got her turn 18 months later. He saw the idea in a magazine and loved it.  It is not as dangerous as it appears (yes there is a trick like in much of the art world). And you have to admit, this is a work of art.

Baby Griffyn arrived today

Safe and sound weighing at 8lbs and 6ozs, 21 inches long.  A nice healthy start.  I hear that Mom is doing well and the kiddos are anxous to hold their baby brother.  All in good time.  I bet staying a couple of days in the hospital is sounding pretty good right now.  Fire crackers keep us all awake and we are not newborns and recovering mothers.  I believe hospital walls are super insulated and soundproof.  If not, they should be.

Stay tuned for pictures.  Only have one and it is held captive by my phone.