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Good morning, it’s raining inside

That’s what JB was greeted with as he came downstairs.  I woke up at 7 am and as I was coming downstairs I heard the downpour.  “Funny” I thought to myself “it didn’t sound like it was raining from the bedroom”.  The water spiggot on the fridge was streaming water onto the kitchen floor.  Wow, that’s weird, the water from the fridge hasn’t worked for two years, why now?  I got a towel for the floor and a container for the water that was still flowing.  Once JB got his bearings we moved the fridge away from the wall (mind you this was all without a morning cup of coffee).  He crimped the copper tubing, which didn’t help much.  The shutoff for that tube was in the dreaded crawlspace.  We purposely stack many items in front of the hatch so we are not tempted to go down there.  This worked against me as I had to unstack it and move it.  As soon as I pulled the chain for the light, I could see that water was all over down there too.  One step down and I found the shuoff.  Several twists and the water stopped.  W hy it started up after all this time, who knows.  In no case would we ever want the flow going 24/7 so we will not count on water from the fridge.  Perhaps after 20 years the fridge is trying to tell us something. I learned that although dicey, I can make the trip down if I have to.

A trip to Vashon Island


I spent the last couple of days doing something really fun.   I left early Wed morning for Vashon Island and my class at Island Quilters with Kaffe Fassett.  It was super foggy so I got alittle disoriented but made the ferry in time.  I passed the fabric shop on my way to find somewhere to use the restroom. I could see classmates already milling around.  I arrived at 8:30 (1/2 hour early) and found my spot.  The lady next to me had come from Montana for this class.  She had been there since Sunday (rented  a cabin on the water) so she had already cut her material.  I was already wayyy behind. Once the class started we were busy the whole day.  Lunch was catered at a restaurant two doors down. We got done at 3:30 and I got some one-on-one shopping time with Kaffe. Gregg met me after my work for the day was wrapped up in the flannel it was designed on and I paid my tab.  This was a goldmine for the fabric shop. As soon as Kaffe or Brandon decided you needs a different spot of color, off to the cutting board you went.  My tab was under $100 which was pretty good (others spent upwards from that). We  went to Gregg’s house to drop off my stuff and wait for Elaine to catch a ferry.  We met her back at town for a late dinner.  Back to the house so we could all get up at 5 to go to work.  We made the 6:40 ferry after a quick stop for coffee. We got to the office at 7:45. I had decided to go to the lecture Thurs. that I had already paid for so left my stuff at Gregg’s and planned to spend another night.  I took the ferry after work and got to the island early. Got some good shots from the ferry. My plan was to get dinner but I went to the fabric shop, used the bathroom and headed toward the theatre.  I got there early enough to get a front row, side section seat and have popcorn for dinner.  I vowed not to buy any more of his books (he has at least 20).  The slide show and lecture was amazing.  He started in northern Calif at Big Sur then went to Europe.  By the end, I had to have the autobiography and have him sign it. There I was in line cradling my book with two twenties dangling from my fingers.  I hadn’t brought my camera in because it was a theatre so I was so sure there would be no photo ops.  Back to Gregg and Elaine’s to show them the finished quilt top I did for their wedding.  They loved it.  We stayed up too late.  I rued the fact that I did not get a picture of myself and ‘the boys’.  I decided that I would not catch the 6:40 ferry but instead hang around town til the shop opened and catch them before they taught another class. Gregg stayed home because it was his birthday.  Sleepy town at 7:00.  The only place to have breakfast was a greasyspoon/bar inhabited by 70 year old men discussing politics.  Breakfast was great.  I got my picture and caught the 8:40 ferry.  A great use of 2 hours of vacation.  I faded pretty quickly in my workday but made it til 4:15.



Now I must work on the presentation that I am doing Nov 10 at a Toastmaster’s conference based on my book that may or may not be in my hand by then (the plan was to sell it there).  I am committed so book or not, it will happen.  Can’t  wait for you to see it.  It has a cool cover (CreateSpace designed) and a few family pics scattered throughout the book ‘My Life in 5-7 Minutes – the story of Gwen’.