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Adventures at Sports Clips

He went in for a haircut before they headed up to Willow’s Lodge for a birthday celebration. 

As he sat in front of his favorite stylist she asked him what he wanted (he changes it up sometimes).  He said “#1 on the sides and #4 on the top.  She started with the sides.  Once she was done she switched to the #4 guard.  As she headed for the first hair on top, the guard flew off the clipper and the adventure began.  Anyone who gets their hair cut with a clipper rather than scissors knows what a ‘no guard’ cut is.  Before she could stop there was a 5 inch reverse Mohawk down the center.  She shrieked and dropped and clipper and ran into the backroom.  Other stylists came over to see what happened.  As soon as he realized what happened he started laughing.  She eventually came out of the backroom apologizing with makeup running down her face.  They both knew that the only course was to finish it off. He consoled her with “don’t worry, it was an accident.  It could have been worse, it could have been someone who never had this cut before and would freak out”.

This was my son Gregory and this was not his first ‘no guard’ cut.  All the years he played basketball in high school he wore this cut.  In the dead of winter, not so much.

He called Kellie on the way home and said “here’s the good news – I got 3 free haircuts.  The bad news is that I am bald”

How to brand your laptop

When we were in Coeur D’ Alene enjoying Thanksgiving with Garry, Heidi and the kiddos,  Grayden’s laptop was brought downstairs.  Papa was trying to play some game that involved typing.  He was struggling with getting the letters correct.  Garry’s explanation was that the laptop had taken a few tumbles down the stairs, that was probably it.

As it turns out, that was not it.  In his new perch in the top bunk of the new bunkbeds, Grayden used some of his new skills learned in Kindergarten.  Check out the second row of his now custom laptop.Keyboard