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The book is published!!!



My Life in 5-7 Minutes made it’s debut in a conference room on the floor where I work.  It was a combination event celebrating Valentine Day and launching a book.  I ordered coffee mugs with the book cover printed on one side and the catchy phrase “Enjoy my first book!” on the other.  I filled the mugs with Northwest treats of Starbuck’s Via packs, Frangos and Tazo teabags.  They were artfully captured in a cellophane bag and tied with a festive ribbon.  I also decided to make up ‘Sip & Savor’ packages for those who wanted to purchase a book as well as a filled mug.

 Book signing Cake cuttingLunch was hosted and we had sandwiches, veggies and a great butternut squash soup (thanks Sola!).  I ordered a cake from a bakery who could scan a postcard of the book cover and make it look just like the book.  The cake was a big hit.

 The Kindle version is very close to being a reality.  It is pretty exciting to scan the ISBN on the back of the book and up pops Amazon ready to take your order.  Of course I don’t have a smart phone yet but I saw it work on Gregg’s phone.

 Those who purchased the book, I hope you are enjoying reading about my life.  A few more need to get mailed this week.  Those of you who were early readers, watch your mailbox.  Can the second book be far behind?