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Fancy Beverly’s, Not so fancy Gwen

Yesterday we took advantage of the lunch specials at Beverly’s, a nice restaurant at the Coeur D’Alene Resort (it is what retired vacationers do).  The view was amazing! In nothing flat our waiter James brought us a shot glass of the drink special of strawberry-rhubarb lemonade. Sweet but delicious.  Next was the assortment of fruits/cucumbers to float in your water and the roll selection.  I chose the house special orange roll.  It was glazed and quite delightful – also quite sticky.  Halfway through JB tells me that he overheard ladies saying you were supposed to eat them with a knife and fork.  Good to know now that I have to lick each finger tip and I have a very sticky cloth napkin.

On to the appetizer.  JB had the soup of the day, a nice beer/cheese soup.  Could I do something that simple? Oh no, I get the Sweet Onion soup with a half pound of guyere cheese that is impossible to eat without strings of cheese hanging from ones chin.  The spoon  ended up being a round ball of cheese unable to help gather broth.  JB suggested I use my knife.  I must have missed the day where I learn how to eat with a knife and a covered spoon.  The entrée was a relatively uneventful tempura halibut with fries and a nice fruit salad.  On to dessert.  I ordered the lemon raspberry cake with basil ice cream.  I just had to try basil ice cream.  It was delicious and the plate was so artful I had to take a picture.  Who does that at a fancy restaurant?  All the while we were enjoying lunch it was the Thursday fashion show at Beverly’s.  All the clothing shops at the resort participated by having models walking through with outfits from their shops.  One gets an option of not wanted to be disturbed (read -conversation/salespitch by model).  We still got to enjoy the show as it passed by destined to make sales to ‘fancy’ ladies.  What a fun way to spend a Thursday!