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And what did you do today?

DSCN2434Baked cookies for Toastmasters and rigged four sailing ships.  And who says retired people sit idle?  The sails on our whirly boat wind spinner had gotten very faded.  I knew where it had been purchased but it was years ago.  In the meantime the Ocean Crest Resort had a terrible fire.  I was encouraged that their website was still up and running.  I learned that after a year they have just received the permits to begin rebuilding.  I finally reached the person in charge of the gift shop and she was pretty sure she could contact the designer and get me replacement sails.  They came in the mail today.  I was so excited to put up the new sails.  I had to read the directions several times.  By the time I re-rigged the third boat I was an expert.  It was quite a challenge because even after a year and a half, activities that involve me keeping my hands above my shoulders for more than 2 minutes at a time is painful (probably should be doing more of it to regain strength).  But did I give up?  Heck no.  By the time I was rigging the last boat the birds who think they own the front deck were dive-bombing me.  I assured them that I was just about done.  I finished just in the nick of time.  I sat down to enjoy the fruits of my labor and rest my weary arms and to watch 4 birds attack the bird feeder.  Apparently they are quite spoiled.

I should probably take another shower before I deliver the cookies to SPEAKOUT.  Actually I think there is a speech is this Tuesday afternoon activity.

I would include a picture I just took but the thing-a-ma-jig to get the pictures off my camera is in some mysterious box, logical at the time, but mysterious today.  Trust me, it’s a great picture.

I did it!!!

Tonight I successfully replicated the basil ice cream mentioned in the last post.  I had it at Beverly’s, a restaurant at the Coeur D’Alene Resort while on our trip in May.  I was so impressed I searched the Internet and found a recipe.  Thanks to my gift card from Sandy for my birthday I purchased a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and tried the recipe today.  There were alot of steps but once I tasted the first spoonful out of the frozen bowl, I  knew it was worth it.

For those of you who think that basil’s only partner is the nice ripe tomato perhaps with a nice chunk of creamy mozzarella – think again.