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Finished the purse

Still raining, not sure it stopped much from yesterday.  I finished the cutting yesterday and took the project up again today.  I couldn’t start until the Seahawk game ended.  And what an ending it was.  We won in overtime.  I was inspired to come down here to the studio and complete the purse.001Above is a picture of the front and back awaiting the final assemble.  I am so sorry I covered up the inner pockets.  This mola fabric allows easy ‘fussy cutting’ and there is a character featured on each pocket.002

The old and new.  I didn’t realize how faded the old one was.  I also forgot that it featured a turtle on the front.  I left the buttons intact on the old one but stole the beads to apply to the new one. New one has colorful striped button instead of the yellow polka-dot button.


The back pocket features a fish instead of a snake.  Once I load the new one up I can retire the old one.  Off to the next project!

Gwen’s studio

It is a rainy Saturday and I about to recreate the purse I have been carrying around for a few years.  That is not a bad life for a fabric purse that I used exclusively since I took it on it’s first trip.  Someone pointed out that the handle was about to break so it is time.  I had one piece left of the ‘mola’ fabric that I used for the main fabric.  I have strangers stop me to comment on the purse.  I love the tube purse design but it is that fabric that gets the attention.  Few folks care that I have room for my Kindle in the back pocket.  I have to find a different lining as I ran out of the original.  I think this one will work fine.  I am using my flannel-lined  cardboard display stand from Office Depot.  It’s original use was as a story board for a speech.  My large design board is occupied with the retirement quilt that I just finished.  I am not done looking at it yet.

I forgot how many pieces are needed for the purse.  I always think that I can keep things straight but I learned from the first few of these purses I made, labeling the pieces is critical.  I decided to try documenting this process so here we are.  You readers can expect to make this purse with me, post by post.

The retirement quilt has best wishes from those in attendance at my retirement party.  This is an overall view where the writing on the fabric blocks is not so obvious.  Trust me, the best wishes are there.  Off to Jane to be quilted!

001 002 001