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Be Prepared, game day ahead

It never occurred to me to be worried as I pulled into the parking spot at Fred Meyer this morning.  It was just before noon and I knew I had time to do some quick shopping before the Seahawk game.  Imagine my surprise as I grabbed my cart and headed into the produce department.  The whole team was there! The jerseys were somewhat mismatched, but everyone but me had one.   Apparently I just walked straight into a two minute drill with the game tied and out of uniform.  Frantic pushing and shoving all  with their lethal weapons – the shopping cart.  I couldn’t wait to escape.  I headed to the meat department.  It was worse!  Steaks and burger was flying off the racks, if you could get to it.  The butcher was trying to restock the case (you wouldn’t want to miss out on a pre-game buying frenzy).  The goal line stance was amazing but these people had been practicing for weeks.  I feared for the little lady in the electric scooter caught between the 2 yard line and the goal.  I managed to get a couple of steaks then escape to the cleaning product aisle where I was momentarily safe.  I took a moment to check my play card only to realize I still had to get dry roasted nuts. Back to the snack food aisle where frantic hosts were grabbing everything off the shelf.  I slipped into the 12-item or less checkout with my 15 items hoping the referee wouldn’t catch me and penalize me 15 yards.  Whew!  He was looking the other way.  As I put the cart away in the parking lot I tried to warn the defenseless shoppers out of uniform.  I do believe they thought I was crazy.