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By a dumb phone.  By dumb I mean smarter than me but not qualified to be a ‘smart phone’.  I had taken a picture of my quilt from the phone when I was at the fabric store picking out my backing material.  It was a great shot!  I wanted to send it myself so I could save it on my computer.  I got so deep into the functions (read:bowels) of the phone that I started to lose reason.  When it ask me to set up an emobile account, I said “sure” and kept going.  The only email address that it seemed to accept was my work email.  Did that stop me?  Oh heck no. 

I got so lost in the mission I forgot why I did it and moved on taking a new picture with the camera.  Lo and behold the phone started behaving like it had the flu, lethargic and demanding that I recharge it daily (I think it was even dehydrated!). In one of my lucid moments I decided to investigate the new icon  that appears when I unlock my phone.  In the message queue, way down at selection #8 was emobile email messages – 147 of them.  What!  The senders looked familiar as those who send me emails at work.  Sure enough I had all my work email loaded on my phone.  Convenient yet very scary and inefficient.  I hate to admit how sloppy I am with the delete function in Outlook.  It is the modern version of stacks of papers that you might need to look at – someday, therefore cannot be deleted.  There it was, my inefficiencies from work stalking me from the bus.  Must stop the insanity!  I was also spurred on by a Verizon bill that was way out of the range of normal.

A trip to the Verizon store reveal that I had indeed ‘hacked into’ my work email and without a ‘plan’ I was paying by the letter, not $10 per month.  “Do you want to sign up for the plan?” she asked.  That’s a big NO. 

I bought a ‘dumb’ phone for a reason.  They are less capable of stalking you.