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Top 5 Books since the accident

On the Island – Tracy Garvis Graves

Just finish and I loved it.  Can’t wait for her next book due in the Fall

Sing Him Home – Jodi Picoult

Love her writing style, hard not to get absorbed after the first few pages

Lone Wolf – Jodi Picoult

Totally amazing, you learn so much about our brother the wolf and know you don’t want this book to end.

Defending Jacob –

Loaded it before I was laid up.  Reading at rehab became part of therapy (holding the Kindle, turning pages without dropping the Kindle).  Just when you think this one is over, expect another twist

Lifeboat –

I learned that I never want to be presented the choices this woman had to make. 

Starting GT

I am most of the way through my prescribed physical therapy and occupational therapy, so it is now time to begin ‘Gwen Therapy’.  The weekend before my accident, I had attended the Sew Expo at the State fairgrounds.  I came home with a bag full of ‘stuff’ and a head full of ideas.  For nearly two months the sewing area has seen no action (ok, we stored stuff there from the crowded laundry room/spare bathroom).  I decided as PT and OT wind down, let’s see if I can still cut fabric and plan a quilt.  I am going to call this my ‘therapy quilt’.  Thank goodness I had the forethought at the expo to purchase some ruler grips (premonition?).  They don’t look much different than the grips we have ‘installed’ in the shower for safety purposes.  For now I will continue using my trusty ‘ol rotary cutter, although I am sure there are newer ones out that would feel better in my ‘less-than-normal’ right hand.

 I have to promise myself to:

  • Pace myself (if I get tired I will find another activity)
  • Watch for a sale at Joanne’s for ergonomic rotary cutter
  • Resist sewing anything together til the neck brace is gone
  • Take JB up on his offer to neaten up the space so I have room to move around
  • Enjoy this therapy (although self-directed) knowing that I will learn from it
  • Share my progress on the blog (watch for pics)